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Writing has always been a challenge for almost everyone whether you are a student or a professional writer. Often we find that we are not gifted with words as much as we would like to be. The best solution to this is to hire someone who is. Your project requires exceptional writing prowess involving carefully crafted words that complement the subject as well as the writer. Ghostbookwriting is here to do just that- and then some.

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Ghostbookwriting has acquired some of very talented writers that assist you in your writing journey from the start until your satisfaction is at peak. We will work with whatever you give us and turn it into a written piece of art without you having to worry about the time consumed and the quality of the end-product.

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Our Supportive writers will work with you from start to end and everything produced in between is owned by you. Whether you are receiving final touches on work written by you or whether you want a complete book, we have all the answers to get your work published.

That energy is the soul of our company.

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With help of our writing expertise you can now become a writer. We help you chase your dream of becoming a best seller or an author. It feels good when you write a piece of work that is appreciated by others. If you have that creative flare but don’t know where to begin, we can guide you throughout your journey and we will not give up until you achieve your desired outcome.

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How it all Started

Ghostbookwriting is a brainchild of just two amateur writers that started off with an idea while sipping coffee at a Starbucks. The idea of a unique, ghost book writing service clicked and so did the name. We wanted to call the business with something very blatantly obvious. Our Amateurish love of writing soon translated into a professional business idea and we expanded with more talented individuals who are now the core assets of Ghostbookwriting .

That energy is the soul of our company.

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What makes us Unique?

There might be quite a few writing services out there.

What sets Ghostbookwriting apart is our commitment to not only the quality of work delivered but our commitment to deliver an outstanding customer support. We believe our journeys together begin only after we have delivered the product to the customer.

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Client Testimonials

We have a track record of delivering excellence through our services. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our work.


Perfectly Done!

"I got connected with Ghost Book Writing through a peer’s referral. They not only resolved all the issues I had with the unfinished drafts, but also designed and published the manuscripts professionally. I will definitely hire them in future."

Robert Parker Author

Thumbs Up!

"Ghost Book Writing has become my go-to choice for professional ghostwriting services. Three of my books have already been published, with 2 more in the pipeline. Original, high quality work with fast turnaround. Five stars!"

Joe Selby Business Professional


"I hired Ghost Book Writing Services to edit and proofread my manuscript that I had written a few months back but couldn't get time to finalize it for publishing. These guys not only helped me with the editing, but also designed and published it professionally."

Christopher McMillan Author

What makes Ghost Book Writing stand apart?

We're professional, experienced and have a team of the best ghost book writers of the industry. We have helped hundreds of clients become an author through our professional ghostwriting and publishing services. Our writers are well-versed with the intricacies of book writing and specialize in various genres. So whether it is an autobiography, a self-help book, a business publication, or a work of fiction, we have got you covered!


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